Rustic Stunning Wedding Photography at The Night Yard

“its a brand new venue that have not had many weddings, its on a farm” these were the words about The Night Yard that stuck in my head after meeting the lovely Sam and Asa for the first time.
A beautiful warm sunny day created the perfect day for their wedding. Sam and her family made their preparations at Higham Farm, a gorgeous Holiday cottage near Canterbury. We took some amazing shots of the preparations, including her stunning dress from Tiara and Tails.

We then made our way to The NIght Yard in Bridge to photograph the rest of the day. What an amazing day it was Asa made his entrance in an A Team van and shortly after Sam arrived and walked down the aisle to to her husband to be. After the ceremony all the guests made their way to the “confetti bar” and helped themselves and showered them both as they walked back down the aisle together.

The Night Yard is an amazing venue and are super flexible allowing you to really put your own stamp on your day. With a perfect green in the middle of the venue surrounded by old hay feeders this created the perfect setting for the village fete that Sam and Asa created. With various games such as splat the rat, tin can alley, and sack racing (which was epic) there was something to keep all of their guests entertained, while the very talented Andrew Mackintosh provided the background music. The couple decorated this venue themselves, in the words of Sam “it was very much a DIY wedding” With such amazing attention to detail it was spectacular.

 We cannot fault Charlotte and the team at the Night Yard, they were super organised and made sure everything ran smoothly. Any requests we had were catered to, we would not hesitate in recommending this amazing wedding venue. We took Sam and Asa on a walk around the venue for some romantic portraits. The Night Yard has a wealth of gorgeous spaces for wedding photos, including a rustic shed, orchards, fields and more. We were really spoilt for choice photographing this lovely couple here.
Their first dance was in the barn space and was gorgeous with all friends and family joining in with them. We then left everyone to party the night away.
Sam and Asa used the following suppliers for this bout of Epicness.

Venue   The Night Yard – Wedding Venue

Sams Dress – Tiara and Tails Bridal Boutique.

Singer  – Andrew Mackintosh

Bridesmaids dress – Very

Suits – Primark (I would never have guessed this they look FAB)

Hair and make up  – Occasional Hair and Make Up

Flowers –  Canterbury college Floristry dept.


Asa & Sam-1

Asa & Sam-2

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Special thanks to Martin Cheung for assisting on this wedding