Velocity 2 at Zipworld in Snowdonia

A few weeks ago, we visited Zipworld in Wales, as wedding photographers, we are always busy in the summer months and so very rarely get a break away. So with the offer of a baby sitter for a few days, we jumped at the chance to get away!. We had seen a facebook post about the fastest in the world and longest zipline in Europe and looked into it, imagine our excitement to discover that it was in Wales and no in some far flung corner of the world. That was it…we would go there for our break.

We drove up to Bangor in Snowdonia from our home in Kent… after a long exhausting drive we checked into the Premier Inn in Bangor, being that it was a long drive we opted to have dinner in the restaurant there.

A wonderful dinner with lovely staff made it a very relaxing evening. The next day we drove to nearby Bethersda, where Zipworld is located, we got there super early to make sure we did not miss our time… and to also make sure that we were fully prepared. It was a lovely sunny day, and upon arriving you could see people zipping over the huge historic Penrhyn Quarry , with whoops and squeals of delight. Safe to say my stomach jumped through sheer excitement.
You can hire a headcam from Zipworld and record your flight, so we both opted to have a headcam. David used our Gopro Hero 4 and I used their Garmin camera. Once in we went into the briefing room where everything was explained and wee were given super sexy jump suits to wear and harnesses to hold us to the zipline and off we went.

Or first flight was on the smaller zipline to get a feel for it, you fly over the quarry and soon arrive at the other side in no time at all. At the other end you then get into the truck that dives you 3 miles to the top of the quarry. On the way up we were treated to the most spectacular view of Snowdonia National Park. Once at the top you are once again briefed on safety and what to expect and you wait for your turn. We were called up… you lay on a table on your front while you are connected to the ziplines,  they also add extra weight on to the harness if you are a little light (the heavier you are the faster you go!) The tables go down and you are left suspended…3,2,1,GO and all of a sudden you are off. With the wind blowing and amazing panoramic views this is the nearest you get to flying and it is exhilarating. Unfortunately you reach the end of the line and come to a stop, the adrenaline rushing around your body.

We then took a slow walk around the area and took the opportunity to get some photos, we are always so busy getting photos of other people we never get the opportunity to get photos of ourselves. With the amazing views from Zipworld, we got some amazing photographs.

That evening we ventured out and found a lovely restaurant called Harveys, an American style diner but a small family run business. The food was amazing and the service and staff were second to none, if you are in this area we highly recommend visiting. Unfortunately the next day we had to return, so treated ourselves to the full breakfast from the Premier Inn (David is still puzzled as to where I put it all…all I can say is I must have hollow legs) The drive was super long and hitting the m25 in rush hour was not my idea of fun!
But all in all it was the best few days away I have had, If you are looking for a fun weekend we both highly recommend visiting Snowdonia and Zipworld.

local village seen from the quarry

big smiles after ziplining

View of the skyline building at the top of the quarry.

a pano view from the top

The slate man

The little zipper